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    Welcome To Ascent Technologies,Pune
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    Welcome To Ascent Technologies,Pune
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    Welcome to Ascent world
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    Welcome to Ascent world

Mobile Repairing

  -  Basic Mobile(Theory)

  • Basic Study of Electricity,Conductor,
  • Insulator,Study of Current(A.C And D.C)
  • Voltage,Registers,Wattage,Types of Circuits,
  • Transformer,Capacitor,Coils Diode,Transistor,
  • IC,Ohm's Law,PCB,Mic,Speaker,Audio Amplifier
  • Study of communication Technology-Modulation,Demodulation
  • Introduction To Digital Electronics And Microprocessor
  • Use of Multimeter
  • Supply Unit
  • Screw Driver Set,Ufs Box
  • Mobile Serving Tool Kit
  • Soldering Iron and Hot Air Gun
  • Computer System -Basic Hardware and
  • Mobile to Pc Interface Cords and Ports
  • Antenna Unit Casing Of mobile,Display And Types ,Microphone,Speaker,Ringer,Vibrater ,SIM Holder,PCB ,Types of Connector,Battery Locks ,Screws,Key,Mat.Power Key,SMD Identification
  • Dust cap,Service Connector,Service Cables,/Cords, Charger,Travel Charger,Service Battery,Hands -Free,Service Software
  • Introduction To SIM,Registration,Memory
  • Locking,Unlocking,Types,Features of SIM Card
  • Introducation to Basic phone Functions, Operating System,EPAB
  • Cordless Telephone -Function and Operating System
  • Information about Mobile Network and Service Providers ;GSM and CDMS Techonology
  • Mobile Handset -Types ,Function,Features , Terminology and Operating menu options
  • Charging and Discharging Of Battery,Spend Dialing ,Phone Book,Function,Caller,Group,Ripping
  • Tones And Graphic Function,Data and Voice Messages ,Factions Call Register,Call Drivers ,Games,Calculator ,Calender,Chat,Picture Editor Clock and SIM Services
  • Study of Infrared USB,Blutooth,Wi-Fi,G.P.R.S Card and Reader
  • RF,IF,Power Display ,Memory, Charging ,Controlling, C.P.U. Voice Software Problems(Practical)
  • Study of Various Mobile Software and Insatallation On Pc
  • and Insatallation of Software in Mobile Handset and Memory Card
  • Study of Different Ports And Connectors of Computer
  • Connect Service ;Hanging Problems
  • Locking /Unlocking Keypad ;Adjusting Volume ;Setting User Profile
  • Downloading of Ring Tones Wallpaper,Games
  • MP3 sound,Photos,3Gp Videos-Transfer From Phone and Phone to Pc
  • Network Lock
  • EPROM Problems
  • Flash Reading/Writing
  • Version Upgrade
  • Version Downgrade
  • Virus Solution
  • Applicatin Problem
  • Twister Flasher
  • Griffin
  • Menu codes ,Software Secret Codes
  • Reset Phone
  • Format User Data,Backup User Data
  • Contrast Setting ,Factory Setting,UI Setting
  • Flash ID Updates
  • Supported File Types
  • Hex String ,Wap,Gprs
  • Block Diagram of Nokia 3310 And Other Mobile Handset
  • Circuit Diagram Of Nokia 3310 And Other Mobile Handset
  • Introduction To Mobile Operating System
  • Virus Information and Anti -Virus Solution
  • Useful Programs For Mobile Phones
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Studying Operating Environment
  • Mobile Safety Precations
  • Display Not Showing Network Bar
  • Display Shows Message -Call Ended; Limited Services;No Access,Emergency call; No Network Found ;No Services or Call Failed or Searching
  • Troubleshooting Problem no Display;no Background Light
  • Key Problem;no Keypad Light ;Insert Sim card Problem ;Power Failure(Dead); Power Fail
  • Troubleshooting Problem-Not Charging;Charging Error;Reconnect Charger
  • Failing to Vibrate;Mic Problem;Hands Free Problems;Voice Reception/
  • Transmission Problems;Ringer Problems;Dead or Totally Off
  • Volume Problem;Battery Problem;Dialing Problem;Body Fitting Problem;Sim Problem; Flap Problem;water Damage;Camera Problems
  • Auto Off;Call Disconnected After 10 Sec