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Who are we?

True Education is Progressive from data to information, to knowledge, to wisdom to truth culminating into enlightenment Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Chairman, ETH

Ascent technologies is a fast growing information technology company from last 6 years that has spread its wing in the areas of computer software and computer training, software development, spoken English corporate training computer hardware sales and services, network consultancy and support placement consultancy. We at ascent are into the corporate training of well customized software and hardware, which gives cent percent satisfaction to the students and improves their standards.

since 6 years we, are engage in basic to advance course in computer training aid like qualified staff, library facility, study material so on to do better for students need.

with our expertise we make student not only understand but anticipate based time in the most effective way possible. The training team is regularly updated about the latest development in the fast changing IT industry and need based training is provided on regular intervals.

Ascent Technologies personalized professionals are offering helping to student individuals and organization successfully to implement their learning technical initiatives to meet their in preparing student for their real world.

We have also proven systems for intake of the candidates, ensuring quality and delivery standards, course execution continuous evaluation, placement assistance and certification which aims at producing industry ready professionals and at the end of the training program.

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